About Us

GettaSub is a financial employee benefit program that enables employees to access short-term finance typically between 30-60 days via salary advance loans. Aimed to tackle the issue of over 53% of the UK population who require short-term finance to cover their monthly living costs.

We care about financial wellbeing because we believe hard-working people deserve to be stress-free when it comes to money

Why Choose Us

Employer Benefits

Zero Risk

Getta Sub offered loans come at zero risk to employers. We are regulated by the FCA and are fully responsible for all loan processed

No Charge 

Employers can offer the Getta Sub wage Advance loans as an employee benefit free of charge

Seamless Integration

We slot in seamlessly with your payroll system for salary deductions. With zero impact on the company cash-flow

Employee Awareness

We provide all the internal marketing documents and work closely with your internal communications teams to promote Getta Sub as an employee benefit.

Employee Benefits

No Fees 

No hidden costs, no late payment fees and all borrowers accepted regardless of your credit history*

Easy Repayment

Deducted directly from your salary and paid back full at the end of the following month.

Flexible access to Money

Loans paid directly into account or accessible directly through 1000’s of UK cash machines

Once approved, Always approved**

No need to apply every time you need an wage advance, have instant access to loans 24/7

* Applicants cannot apply if declared bankrupt or if they have entered into a IVA (Individual voluntary arrangement)

** Unless you change employer

Join Our Panel of Employers

Over 35% of employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work.

It’s time to stop thinking about employee productivity and time to start thinking about employee wellbeing. Join our Panel of Employers today and start offering the Getta Sub Payroll Scheme to your employees today.

We practice what we stand for – Happy Employees are productive employees