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GettaSub is focused on helping employers to provide a more supportive work environment by offering an employee benefit to help solve short term money problems, which over 53% of employees suffer from per month.

Employers want to help but have no scalable solution for payroll cash advances. Everything today is instant, but with 85% of workers they are still paid once per month.

Employers realise the positive impact GettaSub can have on the financial wellbeing of their workforce. It effectively ends the need for employee advances, loans and employee stress suffered from short term, unplanned financial obligations.

Financial health is the number one reason employees feel good about their job


Financial health is the number one reason employees feel good about their job

Increasing staff retention is instrumental in providing a better service level to your customer base

GettaSub are regulated by the FCA and are fully responsible for all loan processes

Our solution is designed to be very ‘light touch’ for employers. We slot in seamlessly with your payroll system to co-operate salary deduction

Our existing customers turn to GettaSub for short-term finance only and are benefiting from a dramatic reduction in monthly debt repayments paid out to other alternative short-term lenders.

Our focus on affordability means employees don’t take on more than they can reasonably afford.

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We’re working with organisations like you to offer your employees access to affordable short-term borrowings regardless of their credit history, with repayments taken directly from their salary.

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