GettaSub’s salary advance loans are designed to help ease the pressure of employees who have short term financial needs. Financial wellness creates happy employees. Organisations who have introduced the GettaSub program, as an employee benefit, are seeing an increase in productivity in the work place.

Over 35% of employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work.

Benefits to an employer

GettaSub is no risk or cost for employers

Borrowing is capped at just 25% of an employee’s net monthly pay to reduce future financial stress

We are regulated by the FCA and are fully responsible for all loan processes

Seamless integration into your payroll system – With zero impact on the company cash-flow

Financial health is the number one reason employees feel good about their job

All credit types can apply – So our loans help everyone who needs it

Loans do NOT affect an employee credit scores or show on their credit file

Companies saw a reduction in staff turnover after introducing the GettaSub program to employee benefits – an average company with 2,500 employees will save over £750,000 per year

Increasing staff retention is instrumental in providing a better service level to your customer base.

* Applicants cannot apply if declared bankrupt or if they have entered into a IVA (Individual voluntary arrangement)

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We’re working with organisations like you to offer your employees access to affordable short-term borrowings regardless of their credit history, with repayments taken directly from their salary

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