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We know you have questions, in fact, we know what everyone asks. Here are some Q and A’s for you.


GettaSub salary advance loans are aimed directly at the growing numbers of UK employees who already access high-cost short-term finance, usually through payday lending schemes.

The GettaSub payroll program is no risk for employers. We are regulated by the FCA and are fully responsible for all loan processes. Our platform is free of charge for all employers.

As repayments are secured by salary, the risk of an employee defaulting is reduced and in turn we can offer our customer better rates. Our rates are fixed at 5% (79.58% APR representative), with no hidden fees or costs which makes us considerably a lot cheaper than rates offered by traditional lenders of credit cards, payday lending and overdrafts.

We will need your employees to meet the eligibility criteria below

  • They are aged 18 or over;
  • They have had a permanent contract with your current employer for a minimum of 6 months
  • They aren’t currently serving a probation or notice period;
  • They are not currently entered into an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) / or a debt management program.
  • They are borrowing for their personal needs and not for business purposes, towards the purchase of a property or speculative investment

Once an employer is onboarded, then an employee can apply for loans immediately and then draw down their loans within 24 hours.

Auto generated bordereaux files which are then completed by the employer. Once the completed file is returned to GettaSub it is ‘dropped’ into our software and then automatically updates each borrower loan account.

Important to note here, the employer DOES NOT guarantee the repayment but are bound by contract to deduct and repay GettaSub every month – Please refer to the employer contract which outlines the terms and conditions

Due to the structure of our loans, 99.5% of loans are repaid in full as employees have full-time contracts therefore notice will need to be given. Standard notice period terms are usually between 7-30 days which will cover any loans taken. If an employee is relieved of their position, loans will be covered by any outstanding wages or holiday pay which is due as our loan amounts are capped to just 25% of an employee’s pay. If there is still a shortfall, we will transfer any outstanding loan repayments to a CPA (continuous payment authority).

Yes. Credit unions have long been offering loans which are repaid using salary-deduction. There are over 500,000 credit union members in the UK who have access to more affordable finance.

No. Our existing customers turn to GettaSub for short-term finance only and are benefiting from a dramatic reduction in monthly debt repayments paid out to other alternative short-term lenders. Our focus on affordability means employees dont take on more than they can reasonably afford..

Our solution is designed to be very ‘light touch’ for employers. We slot in seamlessly with your payroll system to co-operate salary deductions.

This is an IT managed process, so it is non-disruptive, therefore there is no downtime to implement the API.

We’re backed by both private investors and institutional clients. Our investors believe in the importance of a financial wellbeing for employees.

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