What we offer

At GettaSub we believe there is a better way for UK employees to access short-term finance. Our affordable salary advance loans ensure employees don’t take on more than they can reasonably repay, so avoiding the unnecessary accumulation of debt, which affects their ability to borrow in the future.

GettaSub prides itself as the ethical alternative to short term loans focused on helping the financial wellbeing of the UK workforce. Our low interest rates are incomparable to other short-term lenders at just 5% per month on our 30-60-day loans (79.58% APR representative)

GettaSub is a solution that instantly impacts your employees’ financial welfare

Manage and apply for loans via our app, where you can access your money 24/7

% of people regularly run out of money half-way through the month

% of people would borrow from friends or family

% of payday loans default with responsibility for repayment on the borrower

% more likely to have debt problems if you have children

Well being report

Employers need to do more and instinctively want to but are only just beginning to think about financial well-being and are unsure how to address it.

For some employees, borrowing may be a necessity rather than a choice. There can be a very fine line between getting by and going under. Even people who seem to be on top of their finances can quickly become vulnerable.

Perhaps surprisingly, only a small number of employees are comfortable in discussing their financial affairs with work colleagues. Which offers employers an opportunity to provide a more supportive work environment, helping to prevent money problems from arising in the first place, for instance by running financial well-being seminars during work time for staff.